#29 Cultivating Mastermind Communities w/ Iggy Perillo

In this episode of Soft But Stronger, David interviews Iggy Perillo of WSL Leadership Coaching. Iggy unpacks the art of building mastermind communities and leadership/team development.
In episode #29 of Soft But Stronger, David interviews Iggy Perillo. Topics include:

_ Energy management, doing work that you love
_ Cultivation of masterminds, leadership, and team development
_ The relationship between trust and high-performance teams
_ Creation of psychological safety
_ Communication, best practices and the power of listening to understand (feelings)
_ Using the “feelings wheel” to fine-tune connections to emotions and owning your feelings
_ Emotions/intellectual/social quotient as it applies to leadership and team efficacy
_ The importance of adaptability, especially in leadership
_ Exploration of different styles of leadership and communicates styles
_ Mastermind groups: what are they, how they come to fruition, and what type of common challenges do they solve for? The art of facilitating a mastermind community.
_ The impact of Covid-19 on team dynamics
_ Implementing “carrots vs. sticks” to motivate teams
_ Alignment and identification of value systems within teams - awareness of exceptions and eliminating assumptions to create clarity around values
_ Growth mindset vs. fixed mindset
_ The value of experiential education
_ Working through toxic cultures

To dive deeper, check out Iggy’s work here: https://www.worksportlife.com and https://www.worksportlife.com/masterminds